Our Commitment To The Environment

Recycling is a major focus of All Ohio Secure Shred.

All documents that are shredded are recycled. In addition to paper shredding we work with our clients to recycle many items that are commonly discarded at many facilities.

The items that we recycle:

  • Non-confidential paper

  • Cardboard

  • Soda Bottles and cans

Want to know the impact you can have on the environment by using All Ohio Secure Shred?

One Ton Of Recycled Paper Saves: Our Recycling Efforts Saved: *
Water (gallons) 7,000 11,109,000
Electricity (kilowatts) 4,100 6,506,700 
Air Pollutants (pounds) 60  95,220 
Trees 17  26,975 
Landfill (cubic yards) 4,761 
Oil (gallons) 2 3,174 
* Through August, 2012

If your organization is using an office shredder instead of a certified shredding service, chances are that at least one of your office mates is dumping shredded paper in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. That means your organization is not only NOT recycling all the paper they should, they’re also exposing confidential information to “dumpster divers” who can sift through your trash and then piece together strips of company information for their own personal gain. A NAID AAA shredding company, like All Ohio Secure Shred will recycle all your paper with our secure recycling program, while keeping your discarded information safe.