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Shred your documents!

In 1988 the Supreme Court ruled that all trash is public domain. The impact has been felt ever since.

Shredding is more than just getting rid of papers and documents. It’s a main vehicle in the protection against the fastest growing fraud-identity theft. In 2006, there were 67,000 recorded victims. In 2010, 13 million people were negatively impacted. One of the solutions is that thieves can’t steal what they can’t read.

So how can you be safe and operate safely for your customers? Here are 4 simple tips…

  • Shred everything that contains information
  • Properly dispose of CD’s and computer hard drives
  • Destroy “pre-approved” credit card applications
  • Make sure the shredding process features cross cut technology

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ID Theft Statistics:

Javelin 2010 Identity Theft Report Javelin Strategy & Research has just completed its 2010 final report on identity theft. Highlights of the finalized study include: *Number of adult victims -11.1 million *Total fraud amount-$54 billion *Average victim spent 21 hours and $373 out of pocket to resolve crime Don’t let the information management process of your company be compromised. Contact All Ohio Secure Shred today to protect yourself and your customers.

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